Add Manual Error In code & Obsolete a function (Visual Studio C#)

person Jason Huangfolder_openC#, Code, Visual Studiolocal_offer, , access_time September 17, 2009

To add a manual error messag in code to prevent successful compilation of a project.
(You can use it to remind yourself to do something important before you want to compile the whole project or solution.)
(Simply type in code: #Error <message>

#Error : don’t forget to fix the below function before compiling.

#Error : don't forget to fix the below function before compiling.
function myFunction()

You can mark a function obsolete, the compiler would say the function is obsolete during compilation as a reminder. The function can still be used for backward compatibility purpose.

[Obsolete("Use the new MyMethodEx instead!")]
public void MyMethod()


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