C#: Read/Write XML to/from Database

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It’s really easy to write a System.Data.DataTable to an XML file, and you can later Read the XML file back into a DataTable.

First, you need to give the DataTable a name (very important otherwise save table to xml would fail without a tablename), then you want to write the datatable schema to a xml file first. You should then write the data itself into another XML file. So when you’re ready to read the XML file back into a datatable, just load the table schema xml file first, then load the data xml file.

in the following example, I first use traditional ADO.NET to populate some data into table booklist,
then I gave the table name “booklist”, without the tablename, when you writeXML you will get an exception.

Then I use “WriteXmlSchema” function to write the schema of the datatable to a file, then I use WriteXml function to write the actual data to another file.

To Load, I first create a new datatable, then use ReadXmlSchema to read the schema file first to set the data table structure, then read the data by using ReadXml function.

//first populate the DataTable booklist
//write the table definition & data into XML file.
string filename_data = @"c:\\data.xml";
string filename_schema = @"c:\\schema.xml";
this.booklist.TableName = "booklist";
//read the XML files and populate into a new data table
this.booklist = new DataTable();
string filename_data = @"c:\\data.xml";
string filename_schema = @"c:\\schema.xml";


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