C#: Use Design Time Property in a User Component

person Jason Huangfolder_openC#, Codelocal_offer, , , access_time September 3, 2016

Normally, you can not set design time property within a user control. Design time means when you drag and drop a user component on your windows form, you can see the properties grid, that allow you to set the properties of a component.

In order to make certain properties of your user control visible in properties grid during design time, you will have to add some attributes to your definition of properties.

For example: this is an example of simple property for a text box, that sets a prompt value.

        [Description("Prompt for entering some text"), Category("Data")]
        public string Prompt
                PromptText = value;
                this.Text = value;
                return this.Text;

Note: you must have a get block for this property, otherwise this property will not show up in design time.

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