C# – using Attributes

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Attributes in C# is used to embed custom metadata about the code / class in the code.

Microsoft has a very good example on how to write your own custom attribute class:Microsoft Custom Attribute Example.

Here is an example of Custom attribute call Developer. You can use this attribute by using DeveloperAttribute or simply use “Developer”.

public class DeveloperAttribute : Attribute
    // Private fields. 
    private string name;
    private string level;
    private bool reviewed;
    // This constructor defines two required parameters: name and level. 
    public DeveloperAttribute(string name, string level)
        this.name = name;
        this.level = level;
        this.reviewed = false;
    // Define Name property. 
    // This is a read-only attribute. 
    public virtual string Name
        get {return name;}
    // Define Level property. 
    // This is a read-only attribute. 
    public virtual string Level
        get {return level;}
    // Define Reviewed property. 
    // This is a read/write attribute. 
    public virtual bool Reviewed
        get {return reviewed;}
        set {reviewed = value;}

Here is an example class that uses the Developer Custom Attribute above:

[Developer("Joan Smith", "1")]
// Or use this, with the parameter Reviewed also set
[Developer("Jack Sloan", "1", Reviewed = true)]

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