C#: Simple Way to Upload a File

In this example, I will show you how to easily upload a file to your web server via FTP. You’d need to add using System.Net; Make a FTP connection and read a file into stream, then writes to FTP. Important Note: because you’re casting WebRequest to a FtpWebRequest, your Address need to start with ftp://www.hostname.com, […]

HTML: Favorite Icon

To set a icon to a website as it appears in the web browser. The required size of a shortcut icon is 16×16 pixels. To create the icon, use an icon editor, such as the one included in Microsoft Visual Studio or one of the many other icon editors available. The best way to associate […]

2. PHP Class Inheritance

This simple tutorial is for showing how class inheritance works in PHP and also provide a simple Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concept. To put things simply, class inheritance means a class can be inherited by a child class. A child class would inherit all the variables & functions the parent class has. Plus a child […]