Apache: Allow remote access to an alias

To allow others from access an alias directory on your apache server, so you can always login to something like phpmyadmin, or phpsysinfo from outside. You need to update the .conf file for the alias. the config file is located in your /alias/ folder. The most important thing is Required all granted, and Allow from […]

Windows: Generate file checksum Hash easily

Windows has a build in command line tool called CertUtil, which allows you to generate a file checksum hash. For exmaple: CertUtil -hashfile [FileName] [Hash Algorithm] [Hash Algorithm] could be: MD2 MD4 MD5 SHA1 SHA256 SHA384 SHA512 An example command would be: CertUtil -hashfile c:\myfile.txt SHA512. This command line will give you an output of […]

MP3 Music Encoding BitRate

From: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-good-bitrate-guideline-for-mp3-files.htm For audio voice recordings such as lectures or language lessons preserved in wave form, bitrates of 32 kilobits per second (kbps) should be acceptable, though 64kbps might provide better quality depending on the source. Voices might sound “flat” at 32kbps, though they will be understandable. A 64kbps MP3 file made from a voice […]