PYTHON: A simple Class Example

person Jason Huangfolder_openCode, Pythonlocal_offer, , , access_time April 4, 2016

Here I write a very simple Python Class. It’s pretty obvious what it does.

# this is an example to illustrate how to 
# use a class in Python
class CAR:
	#some class variables for this object
	year = 2016
	make = ""
	model = ""
	mileage = 0
	TotalCar = 0
	def __init__(self, year, make, model):
		self.year = year
		self.make = make
		self.model = model
		CAR.TotalCar += 1
	def DisplayCount(self):
		print ("Total Number of cars %d" % CAR.TotalCar)
	def displayCar(self):
		print ("Car Info - MAKE: ", self.make, " , MODEL: ", self.model, " , YEAR: ", self.year, " has total ", self.mileage)
#now test the CAR class
car_Toyota = CAR(2004, "Toyota", "Camry");
car_Toyota.mileage = 23999
car_HondaCRV = CAR(2015, "Honda", "CR-V");
car_HondaCRV.mileage = 4300
print ("Total cars in inventory %d" % CAR.TotalCar)

Here’s what the output would look like:

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