Sending Email in PHP (Example)

person Jason Huangfolder_openCode, HOW-TO, PHPlocal_offer, access_time September 23, 2009

If you configured the SMTP hosts in php.ini, you can easily send email via PHP.
Simply use the mail() function in PHP and put in the parameters for email to, subject, email, and header information.

//send email to
$email_to = "";
//subject of email
$email_subject = "Test Subject of the email";
//Email is from
//body of the email message, simply make a string.
$message="Hello \r\n";
$message.="This is test\r\n";
$message.="Test again ";
/* Send email using the mail function in PHP */
/* the function return true if email is sent successfully. */
$sentmail = mail($email_to,$email_subject,$message,$header);
// if your email succesfully sent
	echo "Email Has Been Sent .";
	echo "Cannot Send Email ";

Download the source code here: test_email.php


  1. i need full code for sending the email from the starting and also need full description of this document.

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