Vibration in Android

This code vibrates the phone for 1000 milliseconds. After getting the vibrator service with Context.getSystemService we call Vibrator.vibrate for a given time in milliseconds. This vibration requires vibrate permission in Manifest to run. Vibrator v = (Vibrator) getSystemService(Context.VIBRATOR_SERVICE);   // 1. Vibrate for 1000 milliseconds long milliseconds = 1000; v.vibrate(milliseconds);   // 2. Vibrate in […]

Oracle: get detail table information

You can use SQL*Plus to provide the following details about a table: 1. Column Details 2. PRIMARY KEY 3. INDEXES 4. FOREIGN KEYS 5. CONSTRAINTS 6. ROWCOUNT 7. Other Tables That REFER to this Table 8. PARTITIONED COLUMNS 9. PARTITIONS 10. TRIGGERS 11. DEPENDANTS The following SQL Script can provide this information: SET AUTOTRACE OFF […]